Our Story

Skip's Garage was started in an apartment at UConn in the fall of 2008. Owner Ken C. was a senior at the time and was very passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. He came from a family of entrepreneurs and wanted to follow in both his Father's and Grandfather's footsteps. 

His desire to be an entrepreneur stems from the aspiration to create, innovate, and lead a venture that not only fulfills a market need but also aligns with personal passions and values. It's a path that promises autonomy, the freedom to steer one's destiny, and the ability to bring a unique vision to life. This ambition is driven by a blend of creativity, perseverance, and the willingness to take calculated risks, with the hope of making a meaningful impact on the community and the world at large.

The Early Years

Throughout college, Ken had been working a variety of jobs to pay for school and living expenses. He had always been into computers and technology and knew that there had to be a way to turn that into a business. Around mid-October, 2008, he got involved with an old friend and started building and designing the website that is now SkipsGarage.com. They meticulously researched niches and products to sell and luckily found the new, but flourishing industry of beer pong.

Since then, the company has experimented with a number of industries and products, including cornhole and other tailgating games. Around 2012, Skip's Garage began providing custom cornhole boards and accessories to customers across the web. Over the years, they have experienced steady growth and are proud to have become one of the largest online retailers in the industry. 

Growth & Innovation

Skip's Garage has since emerged as a formidable player in the cornhole industry, showcasing remarkable growth and innovation. Starting from a small, passionate team, the company has successfully expanded its footprint, offering a vast selection of high-quality, customizable cornhole boards that cater to enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Their commitment to quality, coupled with an acute understanding of the community's needs, has not only elevated their brand recognition but also solidified their position as a go-to source for cornhole equipment and accessories. This growth trajectory reflects their dedication to the sport and underscores the increasing popularity of cornhole as both a competitive activity and a leisure pastime.

Skip's Garage continues to lead the way in the cornhole industry, constantly pushing boundaries and introducing new products that cater to their diverse customer base. They understand that each player has unique preferences and needs, which is why they offer a wide range of options when it comes to their cornhole boards. From different sizes and materials to customizable designs, Skip's Garage ensures that every player can find the perfect board to suit their style and skill level.

In addition to their extensive selection of cornhole boards, Skip's Garage also offers a variety of accessories that enhance the playing experience. From carrying cases and scoreboards to LED lights and drink holders, they have everything a player needs for a complete cornhole setup. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart from other competitors in the industry.

The Skip's Garage Way

Skip's Garage is also dedicated to giving back to the cornhole community. They regularly sponsor tournaments and events, providing support and resources to both amateur and professional players. Their involvement in the community has helped foster a sense of camaraderie among cornhole enthusiasts and has contributed to the sport's growing popularity.

The team at Skip's Garage is constantly working to improve and innovate, always striving to provide the best products and services for their customers. From researching new materials to collaborating with top players in the industry, they are committed to staying ahead of the curve and setting new standards for quality in the cornhole world.

Fast forward to today, their dedication to exemplary service and support has helped separate them from competitors as their #1 priority has always been customer satisfaction. They are NUTS about service and support and will always do what they can to ensure all of our customers are 100% satisfied, 100% of the time. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Skip's Garage or their products.

You can reach the team by emailing info@skipsgarage.com or calling 800.822.8533. You can also check out their blog. Thanks for choosing Skip's Garage!