Cornhole Board Construction

This is truly a "you get what you pay for" business and what you'll get from the cheaper guys is cheap materials, ugly nail and screw hole indention's, and a set that falls apart soon after you buy it. We've purchased them ourselves to compare and, at our prices, there is no comparison.

We know from experience and we are confident that we have a superior product. You can also feel great that our game boards are constructed right here in the USA. There are quite a few dealers out there that advertise they use quality US craftsmanship. We have purchased boards from some of these dealers only to find that many of them are selling the exact same boards that are made and shipped from China that use press-board (MDF) and other cheap materials.

Why buy from us? Compare our standard features to any other manufacturer and find out for yourself! We offer the best value given the high quality of materials we use and the time and attention we give each and every set we build and finish!

Our Tailgate Sized 2x3 boards are handcrafted in the USA with frames and tops made from 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood.

Our Regulation Sized 2x4 boards are quality constructed using 1/2" cabinet grade plywood and solid 2x4 frames.

All boards feature quality plywood tops with a smooth finish for excellent playability. This is not like the plywood you buy at the local hardware store. All boards feature pocket hole joint construction, perfect 6" holes and foldable legs. You never have to worry about legs snapping or breaking, even if your kids jump all over them.

All of our cornhole board sets are custom built for each order. This allows us to make sure you get the absolute best product, every single time!

Why Choose Skip's Garage?

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • 2000+ Designs to Choose From!
  • Custom Graphics & Designs Available!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Why Choose Our Custom Built Boards?

  • Top Choice Finish Grade Frames.
  • 1/2" Sanded Plywood Playing Surface.
  • Finished with Clear Gloss Sealant for Protection.
  • Perfect 6" Holes - No Jigsaws Here!
  • No Visible Screw Holes or Paint Spackle.
  • Strong, Foldable Leg Construction.

All of our 2x4 game sets are built to ACA Regulation Standards and can be used for official tournament play.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or issues prior to ordering. You can reach the team by emailing or calling 800.822.8533Thanks for choosing Skip's Garage - Forever Partying!