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Licensed Cornhole, Beer Pong and Tailgate Games

Licensed NFL Products

Tailgating, which has its origin in the United States, is a social event tied to NFL and college football, where people come together for food, drinks and fun party games. These parties are usually held outdoors around the open tailgates of vehicles with extra chairs and tents! Parking lots at arenas and stadiums offer the perfect venue for these parties.

These events have gradually spread to pregame festivities in other sporting events such as hockey, soccer, basketball and many others. However, NFL and NCAA football seasons are where you will see most of these events. Regardless of whether you are a football fan or not, you will definitely enjoy one of these great outdoor parties. If you are looking to enjoy your pre-game experience, we have officially licensed beer pong tables, cornhole games and many other products that will spice up your any function!

Officially Licensed Tailgating Games

Are you a sports fanatic, or just someone who wants to have a little fun at your next tailgate or party? Either way, Skip's Garage has the licensed product to liven up your next get-together. Some people really mean business when they tailgate. We are talking full on body paint and very few articles of clothing. You know who you are, and you, more than anyone, know your level of commitment to your team.

licensed tailgating game

We cannot think of a better way to support your favorite team than by sporting an officially licensed product.
For the serious fan, we offer an incredible selection of different games and products to make everyone aware of you who you are rooting for. Our popular products are our official beer pong tables and custom built cornhole boards. So, to fully support your team at the next event, get serious—and order today.

Tailgate Partying

When you only tailgate casually, it’s still not okay to use that old decrepit table as a makeshift beer pong table, or that flimsy piece of plywood as a cornhole board. We have a full selection of NFL and NCAA tables and accessories at the most competitive prices, so you can be the star of your team's next game—and save a few bucks while doing it!

NCAA tailgate table

Casual fans need to check out our fully licensed products!
All are super portable and ready to transform your next tailgate into a real party. We have spent years studying fans as well as their interactions and party behaviors. So, we are confident that we know just what it takes to make your event that much more enjoyable. Go ahead—be creative about how you party so you can keep it fun and interesting for everyone!

Best Tailgates to Play Cornhole and Beer Pong

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy your new products, we have compiled a list of some of the best locations for football tailgating in America!

Lambeau Field: Packers’ fans are usually very serious about their games as shown by their dedication to purchasing season tickets. The wait lists for these tickets spills to over 80000 names a season. Tailgate parties at Lambeau field have the feel of a semi permanent festival, complete with an official band! They even have climate controlled tents at different zones with German beers, cheese curds, raffle prizes and numerous live bands. One of the best places to start off an event is at the Brett Favre Steakhouse, just a short distance from the stadium.

Ralph Wilson Stadium: Buffalo, NY is not such an active town, and this could be the reason why the entire town journeys to the stadium to let loose. There is a specific area in the parking lot, complemented with an indoor area at their training center. Concoctions like Pinto Ken’s pizza and shots served out of bowling balls are some of the things your taste buds will be treated to. Did you bring Buffalo wings? If so, you have the option of Franks red hot sauce or the spicy buffalo chicken wing dip!

Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City offers such a unique experience that these types of events attract visitors from all over the country. The serious ones will start arriving really early in the morning for games that are to be played at noon or later. This is also a way to get special invites to great parties such as those held at the Chiefs-themed postal vans. New friends here are found by dishing out beer and bacon! There are several competitions to go along with the partying such as Tee Pee, chili contests and barbecue sauce competitions, all accompanied by many acoustic bands.

NRG Stadium: Texans are well known for their big barbecues. For Texans fans, everything is always bigger. Their parties are usually organized complete with an official newsletter. However, to hold these events within stadium property you have to obtain a ticket from management. Granted, no barbecue matches a Texas barbecue and they make for a very important part of the pregame festivity!

Lincoln Financial Field: Philadelphia is quite the city of brotherhood; with strangers welcoming each other and partying over grills, beers or shotgun drinking relay games. The Wells Fargo parking lot at section D5 serves as the perfect venue for a tailgating party complete with a hot tub!

Well, you now know where some of the best parties in America take place. You also know that you can find all of the best toys and supplies here! We encourage you to browse our selection and support your team today!

If you are unfamiliar with what a
tailgate party is, you may be in the wrong place! Check out the short video below to see one of our beer pong tables in an official NFL tailgate! You can also view our top selling NFL tailgate tables. If you are looking for more cornhole boards and tailgate toss games, check out our cornhole games page

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