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How to Become the King of the Beer Pong Table

king of the beer pong table

Have you ever wondered how the fantastic game of beer pong got started? It has gained worldwide fame and popularity over the last number of years. The game is said to have started at Dartmouth College, where students originally played the game with a paddle and called it Beirut. Think about it, college students drinking and playing drinking games, sounds about right.

Flash forward a few years, or 50 for that matter and we now have a variety of products and a profitable retail industry on our hands. There are official 8ft tables that are used in tournaments and regular game play. There are also a variety of inflatable beer pong tables for the pool and a bunch of different portable tables that can be taken anywhere. Beer pong has grown in popularity and is here to stay.

Learn Beer Pong to Become the King

If you have never played, it is a relatively easy game that anyone can enjoy. If you have clever friends, you’re in for a treat. Who knows what kind of shot they will throw at you by the end of the night. If you are looking to learn some about the game, here are a couple popular shots that you may encounter during a game of pong.

The first one is creative. You can set up three dinner tray tables, where two of them lean towards the one in the middle. A player can shoot the ball and bounce it from tray to tray and then into the cup. Beer pong has developed into a game where players come up with some wild ways to play with ridiculous shots.

learn to play beer pong

Another interesting one is the shot from the floor. Here, a player can sit on the floor and toss the ball at a cabinet or nearby door. The ball will then ricochet off of the surface and into a cup. This shot takes a ton of concentration and is not attempted that often. How about this shot from the floor. Here, a player was sitting on the floor and shoots the ball at a cabinet. The ball flies overs a fire extinguisher and into the cup. This shot would take a lot of concentration!

The Ultimate King of the Pong Table

Playing a regular game of beer pong can provide you endless hours of fun and entertainment. If you have never played, you may want to start out this way. If you want to spice it up, try the two trick shots mentioned above and see who can master them first.

ultimate king of the pong table

Grab some friends, some beers and see who is the ultimate King of the beer pong table. If you are in the market for your own custom beer pong table, we have over 500 for you to choose from. We also have a great article on some of the best beer pong tips.