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cornhole boards and tailgating games

A football tailgate party has become an integral part of American Culture. It is a popular social event where people gather together before football games and consume grilled food and knock back a few beers. You may ask why the name Tailgate party? A rather simple explanation is that conventionally, the gathering happens around the tailgate of a vehicle. Ironically, this is no longer a pre-requisite for hosting one of these great events. These parties are normally held in the parking lots of arenas and stadiums, before a football, baseball, hockey or other type of game. At a traditional event, party goers usually have a steady stream of beer and cold drinks along with picnic foods like burgers, baked beans, hot dogs and coleslaw. You will also see a variety of different party games and accessories as people like to thoroughly enjoy themselves before heading in to support their team.

The most popular game that exists at these types of parties is cornhole, also known as tailgate toss, bags, baggo and a variety of others. It is an easy, fun and exciting game that can be played and enjoyed by anyone! If you are in the market for your own cornhole boards, look no further!
Tailgating is by far the most popular thing to do before any major sports game. Sometimes, these parties are even held at non sporting events like community barbecues and weddings. When people gather together for these functions, besides consuming food and drinks, they also tend to play a few games such as ladder toss, beer pong and cornhole. Stereos and live music are another great source of entertainment. Cornhole, also known as Tailgate Toss, is a fascinating game that is played at parties all over America. It is basically a drinking game with a very simple premise. You have to throw bean bags into the hole on your opponent’s board, while they aim to do the same to you. It is played between two teams of 1-2 players with official boards and accessories. Every time, your opponent gets a bag into the hole, you have to drink! Sounds terrible, right?

As you may or may not know, tailgating began in the U.S. and typically involves lots of food and booze. What could possibly be any better than that? We are very excited to help America continue the tradition of coming together and celebrating before and after any big game or show. As you should already know, the game of cornhole is a staple of the party scene at these functions.
To keep the tradition alive, we offer a full line of beer pong tables, cornhole boards and more! All of these products can be seen at events across the nation and have become common accessories that most party goers cannot live without. We are confident that you will impress your friends at your next event with a fully licensed sports team product, or with any of our generic football, baseball or hockey accessories.

You can view all of our top selling NCAA team boards and pick out your favorite school. We also wanted to offer some more information on the traditional tailgate party. If you are in the wrong place and are really interested in beer pong, check out all of our great beer pong tables. You should also check out the short video below on football tailgating on game day.

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