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Beer Pong Rules

At Skip’s Garage, we have been specializing in everything beer pong since 2008. We have been involved in manufacturing and selling products, hosting official WSOBP and WPT tournaments and writing about and educating people on the rules and the best ways to play the game.

We understand and recognize that there are hundreds, if not thousands of variations out there. They can change depending on where you play, what school, what tailgate party and a variety of other factors. There have been multiple attempts to take into account all of the sets of rules to make one official set.

The World Series of Beer Pong has standardized the official rules of beer pong, as followed in their annual $50,000 tournament. We appreciate everyone’s set of guidelines and variations, but we also want to keep some aside as the official Skip's Garage set. We created our own set out of fairness, so everybody can take pleasure in playing the great game of beer pong.

Beer Pong Rules by Skip's Garage

The first rule is about shooting. Each player will take one shot when it is their turn to go. That player must make sure the elbow of their prolonged arm does not reach past the end of the table, or the shot will not count. When a ball is tossed and made into an opposing cup, that cup is then eliminated from the game. Once both players on each team shoot, the opposing team gets to take their turn. View the image below for common beer pong shots.

Types of Beer Pong Shots

The second one has to do with 2 balls landing in different cups or the same cup. Sometimes, you are fortunate enough to make both shots when it is your turn. When this happens, you will get to eliminate two cups from the opposite side and you will get the balls back for a free turn. If both of your balls happen to land in the same cup before your opponent removes it, the game is instantly over. This rarely happens but serves to reward the quick shots and accuracy of the shooter.

The third one is about bouncing. At any point during your turn, you are allowed to try and bounce the ball off of the table and into the cups. If you succeed, two cups are automatically removed from the other side of the table. However, when you bounce, your opponent has the opportunity to swat or block it. Once the ball touches the table, it is fair game, so you must be quick if you want to make a bounce shot.

The fourth rule is about what beverage to use. Even though the game is called beer pong, you don’t always need beer to play. This game be played with beer, liquor, juice, water and anything else you can think of. It is commonly referred to as a popular drinking game, which it is, but it can also be played as just a game, without alcohol. Lots of people like to keep water in their cups and have a beer on the side. This keeps things clean and prevents the spreading of germs.

The fifth one is about knocking your cups over. Tough luck for you if at any point during the game you accidentally knock one or more of your own cups over. This counts as a make for your opponent and you will have to remove the cup from the table. You need to make sure to always be alert and look out for your own cups, especially when you are trying to stop a bounce.

The sixth rule is about racks and re-racks. Each team will be permitted to “re-rack” their cups a maximum of 2 times per game. You can also only rack the cups when it is your turn to throw. There are a few different types of racks and typically you will only be able to use a few of them, based on how many cups are left on the table. The image below shows the conventional racks that will be permitted when playing the game.

Beer Pong Rack

The seventh one is about rebuttals. If the last cup is made by both players on the same team, the game is automatically over. However, when you make the last cup, your opponents each get 1 shot to extend the game. They get to keep shooting until they miss. The beauty of this is that it can extend the game and force overtime.

The eighth and final rule is about overtime. When overtime takes place, each team creates a triangular 3 cup rack, just like number 3 in the image above. Overtime is played exactly the same as a regular game, meaning the first team to eliminate the opposing cups is deemed the winner.

Learn the Best Beer Pong Rules

You should now have a great grasp of the rules of the most popular party game in the world.
Beer pong is a staple of the American party and tailgate scene and continues to increase in popularity. You can now take pleasure in playing a fun and exciting game with all of your friends. Once you learn how to play, it's time to pick up a regulation beer pong table and start playing!

If you have any questions or need any additional information, you can check out our
about beer pong page. If you are looking for the official WSOBP tournament guidelines, you can do so