4 Yard Games for Your Next Gathering

Are you planning a gathering full of friends and fun? Whether it’s a neighborhood cookout or a group of friends, you need lots of fun things to entertain you. When the weather is nice, everyone wants to be outdoors. Grab your cornhole boards and other yard games for a grand time!

What games will you be playing? These 4 yard games are choices that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Volleyball or Badminton

If you have the space outdoors to set up a net, you could easily make teams and have a lively game of volleyball or badminton. It’s easy to find the nets, and the outdoor play ones are not usually too expensive.

This is a great way to get everyone playing games together with some friendly competition. Friends and family will make connections and maybe even break a little sweat together.

Will you play guys vs. girls? Maybe you will do adults against the kiddos! You can do whatever you and the group want to do. That’s part of the fun of outdoor games like this.

The only downside to this particular option is space. Not everyone has the yard space to set up a net and play without fear of breaking any windows. But if you do, it’s totally worth a try!

Indoor Games Become Outdoor Games

Have you noticed lately the trend of creating outdoor games that mimic some of our favorite indoor games? They can be a lot of fun.

There are a ton of these and even some DIY craft options so you could make your own if you wanted to. Here are some popular options:
  • Connect Four
  • Chess or checkers
  • Twister
  • Jenga
  • Tac Tac Toe
  • Yahtzee
  • Pass the Pigs
  • Farkle
  • Dominoes
  • Sorry
  • Bucket Pong

These examples are the most popular and probably easiest to find. You can get a set of outdoor wooden dice and play just about any dice game as well.


If you don’t have a custom cornhole set yet, you are definitely missing out. It’s time to think about investing in one. Cornhole has quickly become one of the most popular backyard games out there.

playing cornhole outside

This yard game is fun because you can play in singles or in teams and get several people involved. It’s a relaxed game where you toss a beanbag and try to make it in the hole on a board.

Scoring is easy and there are no complicated rules to try to keep up with. Cornhole boards are made of solid wood and they can be painted, designed, or customized in any way that you like. You can also use a pre-made design if you prefer.

On top of different designs, you can also choose different sizes. There is a regulation size that is pretty large, but if you need something smaller, you could always go with the tailgating option instead.

Playing cornhole together is always enjoyable at a gathering. Just set up the boards and see how quickly your guests pick up those beanbags!


Everyone loves a good game of horseshoe, don’t they? This yard game is a classic but it’s still a winner. You will want to set the horseshoes game up where it can be played away from the crowd. After all, you don’t want anyone to end up getting hit with a stray horseshoe.

There are rules to a game of horseshoes, but you can play by the rules or simply set up teams, toss for fun, and create your own rules. It’s up to you. We do recommend setting up your stakes ahead of time, or using a set that isn’t hard to assemble.

You also may want to remove your stakes or find a good way to mark them so there aren’t any mishaps when it comes to mowing the lawn.

Custom Cornhole Boards

If you decide you want custom cornhole boards for your next gathering, it’s good to plan ahead a little bit. Getting a custom cornhole set might take a bit of time as you will have to submit your design and wait for the designers to complete it.

These sets can also make a great gift if you’re wondering what to get that couple who’s getting married or buying their first home together. The opportunities are endless. You can choose simple designs that include team names and colors or you could even do a monogram. That’s what customization is all about! You choose what appeals to you.

Cornhole Game Accessories

Want to really make playing cornhole exciting? You can add some accessories that spice up the game for everyone.

If your gathering is in the evening, you might want to consider some lights for your boards. You can choose colorful edging lights or lights for the hole itself. It’s a fun way to dress up the boards and make them easier to see at night.

Some other accessories include traveling cases, custom beanbags, magnetic scorecards, and even drink stands with scoreboards as well.

Skips Garage is Your Cornhole Set Provider

There are so many fun yard game options out there to choose from. Why not try them all?

If you’re looking to add a cornhole set to your yard game collection, Skips Garage can help! We create everything from simple designs to anything customizable. All of our boards are handmade using high-quality wood and we are NUTS about service and support!