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Hail the favorite lawn game in America! Games and matches are about to get even funnier and more thrilling than ever with the custom cornhole boards you will find here on Skip's Garage. More importantly, you are about to see some of the prettiest, best designed and crafted boards to make that special occasion even more special,while giving an extra pro touch to the game. No wedding or engagement is the same without a great set of custom corn hole boards. It is a trend that is quickly becoming a tradition! We offer several wedding themed skins, some that will make the celebration more cheerful, others will match your delicate touch. There are options and themes for all tastes and every single one of our designs can be customized with names, dates and more! Next time you are in a pinch trying to find a wedding or engagement gift, consider one of our tailgate toss games. No one has ever returned one of these great sets!

Weddings are a special time in any person's life, so a wedding or engagement cornhole game can't be good when the boards are rugged and poorly manufactured. Here you will find the best quality boards in the industry. These items also make great gifts and can be tailored to any specific wedding or engagement party. Best thing about these is that you can customize these with names, dates and whatever else you can think of! All of these games are made with high quality plywood tops, carefully finished for a great, smooth touch. They won't warp or decay and they are covered with a gloss sealant that will provide the ideal surfaces and protect against moisture and mold. You can be sure your corn bags will slide good on it and the match will get even more thrilling as the bags skid unpredictably!

All of these boards are hand crafted by expert manufacturers. More wood, more weight, more pain and struggle! You can also easily carry around these board as they are super portable and can be taken anywhere. The legs are retractable so you can store them anywhere when done. Since they are covered with a smooth gloss finish, even the lightest white colors won't get covered with any dirt or mud. You can play anywhere in the yard and easily clean it up with a simple cloth, water and soap. These boards are also vomit and champagne proof! Actually, if your guests decide to brawl for the bouquet, no blood splash will taint these bad boys! If you like our custom wedding boards, you may also want to view our our specialty cornhole designs. You may also like our basic sets because you can customize them yourself! You can also see some of our great wedding cornhole designs on ETSY. We also found this great video showcasing a wedding cornhole game!

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