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Custom Stained Cornhole Boards

stained cornhole board

Anyone who has traveled to the Midwest portion of the United States over the last few years has definitely noticed the fixation for this simple yard game. The game of cornhole was said to have been “invented” in the Midwest and has been increasing in popularity over the last few years. So, why is it that everyone is going nuts for this game?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the game, it involves two wooden boards and 8 bean or corn filled bags. The goal is to take turns tossing each of the bags onto the opposing team’s board. Points are awarded for making the bag into the hole, or simply having it land on top of the board. With that said, how did this simple game from being a simple bean bag toss game to the most played party game at nearly every college town in America?

What we love about this game is the custom equipment that has evolved over the last number of years. At Skip's Garage, we are happy to work with a number of quality manufacturers, so we have dedicated this entire page to showcasing all of our custom stained and painted cornhole games and accessories.

Stained Tailgate Toss Cornhole Games

You might be asking yourself what is all the buzz about with this game? Well, for one thing, it is a fun and exciting game that anyone can play. You don’t need to be a master or have ridiculous hand eye coordination to play. Those both help, but this game is designed to appeal to anyone and everyone who wants to try it. Another reason is because it is such a relaxing and social game that everyone loves to play it. You will never anyone complain about having to play a game of tailgate toss. It just doesn’t happen. Perhaps one of the most important reasons it is so popular is that college kids realized it is one of the only drinking games they can play while still holding a can of beer in their hands!

stained tailgate toss games

So, you might now be asking, when will this end? When will the cornhole fad go away and just fade into the darkness like so many other games have. Experts out there will tell you that this will never happen. This game is too popular and way too widespread to just disappear. It is a staple at summer BBQ’s, outdoor celebrations, tailgate parties, backyard parties and a variety of other events. Statistics show that equipment manufacturers have doubled, some even tripled revenue over the past few years. The game is still growing in popularity with no signs of slowing down! This has allowed us to expand our inventory and offer many new stained tailgate toss designs for you to choose from and even customize yourself!

The Best Stained Cornhole Boards

If you have never experienced a game of cornhole, also known as baggo, you are seriously missing out. Fortunately for you, we have created our online store to offer official, themed and even custom cornhole game boards and accessories. Some of our post popular are our stained sets, as they are simple, inexpensive and easy to use.

best stained cornhole boards

You can also find official cornhole rules and ways to play from a number of different sites out there. It is highly recommended that you try the game at least once as that is all it takes. Once you get a taste, you will be hooked just like Midwest and the rest of us! If you're super stoked already, maybe this brief video about one of our stained designs will convince you to start playing today.

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