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Pool Party Planning and Safety Tips

pool party planning

Are you a swimming pool owner who is looking to host a fun party this summer? If so, safety should constantly be on your mind. A general rule of thumb is the more swimmers there are, the more mindful you need to be. When hosting a party, it is essential that you never leave anyone unattended. This even includes adults. If you have an in ground swimming pool, understand that not everyone is a strong swimmer and some might even have issues in the deep water.

More importantly, if you are like the team at Skip's Garage, you enjoy breaking out the
inflatable beer pong table, a few alcoholic beverages and some loud tunes to get things going. When you choose to incorporate alcohol and drinking games into party, you need to take extra precautions to ensure that everyone remains safe. We have created this page to help you learn some great ways to plan a fun and safe pool party for all of your friends and family.

Plan a Great Pool party

For starters, it is imperative that you screen all of your guests. Ask them if they have been in a pool before, if they know how to swim and if they are prepared to help out in case of an emergency. If you are hosting a party for your kids and their buddies, additional precautionary steps have to be taken. You may want to speak directly with the moms and dads of all of the kids and ask some questions. Do their children known how to swim? Do they know what to do in case of an emergency or problem? Are there any issues or preexisting conditions that you need to know about? This will ensure that you cover all angles before letting anyone in your pool.

plan a great pool party

Once all of the general rules are covered, you can then start thinking about the food and drinks that you will be serving, Burgers and dogs are always a great option and can easily be grilled on the deck. If this is an adult only party, are you going to include alcohol? If you do, beware that drinking and swimming do not go together. You will need to take extra precautions to make sure that no one gets drunk and falls in.

Given that these types of parties are frequently accompanied by backyard barbecues, you can combine the two by offering a variety of games and activities that all guests can enjoy. A new and popular game is beer pong in the pool. There are a variety of companies out there that manufacture inflatable beer pong tables, including Skip's Garage! These products are similar to pool rafts but are used for the sole purpose of playing beer pong. There are also inflatable tailgate toss games and other products that you can enjoy in the pool. Games like these will keep your guests coming back for more! Incorporate some fun games and you will be the master planner!

Play Beer Pong or Cornhole at Your Next Pool Party

Well, there you have it. By paying attention to a few safety precautions and planning properly, you can execute a pool party that will be sure to entertain everyone who attends. You too can liven up your summer and backyard the safe way by organizing and hosting a well planned event. At Skip's Garage, we are huge fans of having fun and enjoying ourselves, but we also preach safety and proper planning to ensure that all guest remain safe, 100% of the time.

beer pong pool party

We also love promoting our products for the world to see as we are passionate about what we do. We encourage you to check out our entire selection of tailgate toss games and beer pong tables so that you too can incorporate some fun at your next pool party!

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