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patriotic beer pong tables

Beer pong has become a nationally known drinking game that can be seen at all kinds of events. Some of the most common places to find a game is at college parties, tailgate parties, sporting events and many more. If you casually attend one of more of these types of parties, you may be in the market for your very own beer pong table. A quality table is a must for people that host or attend these kind of events. It is important to have a product that meets official regulations and of course is sturdy enough to withstand even the toughest competitors. Here at Skip's, we are happy to bring you a variety of patriotic beer pong tables, so you can enjoy a game on a quality product with the custom design of your choice!

Buying a quality table will end up saving you money in the long run. All of ours are incredibly durable and are built to withstand all of the elements This way, you will only have to purchase one and not have to replace it like some of those cheaper models. All of the items in this category have a patriotic logo or design. We have more than 15 designs to choose from. Some of the patriotic beer pong tables even have state and nation flags painted on them with the “ripple” effect. This makes the graphics come alive and even look 3D! More importantly, using one of these products is a great way to show your love and support for the nation you love, or the troops that you support! We are passionate about thanking those who help to keep us safe, which is why we created this great line of products!

From the American flag to the confederate flag, there are even tables that will show off your Irish pride. These 8ft beer pong tables are some of the most durable out there, so you don’t have to worry about them collapsing during a competitive game. There are 3 sets of legs to make sure they are sturdy and always level. Each patriotic themed product folds up into a briefcase, so you can easily carry them to different parties and events. We have even seen a number of these used overseas on deployments! Lately across the country, people have been feeling extra patriotic by showing off their different flags that stand for what they believe in! So, why not join the movement and pick out your new favorite design today. Take a look below to start browsing today. You can also check out this cool video about our 8ft items and why they are the best. If you are looking for a different design you can browse our entire selection of 8ft beer pong tables. We also have an awesome board on Pinterest dedicated to all of our patriotic tables!

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