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NBA cornhole boards

We are happy to have an entire page dedicated to all of our custom NBA Basketball cornhole games. All of these designs are part of our “basketball court version” of our popular tailgate toss games. One design in particular is our New York Knicks set. It is designed to look like the court that the Knicks call home. It even has their famous logo in the middle of the court. If you how this design looks, but are not a fan of the Knicks, don't worry as we have a board for almost every single professional team. The royal blue color that is on the surface of the outer rim, makes the sleek design, and vibrant colors of the board really stand out. The hole is also conveniently cut out where the basketball hoop would be on the court. This gives the witty illusion that the hole is a miniature basketball hoop. Every one of these designs features the same awesome construction and hole placement with different graphics to support the team of your choice! If you like this design, you will love the rest.

Cornhole games are supposed to be fun, just like any other game. When a game is poorly made, it can become frustrating to play. The leveling might be off, or the hole may not be cut the way it is supposed to be. All of our basketball boards are manufactured by top-quality builders and companies. So, you can be sure you are getting a product that is made with quality and precision. They are all protected by a limited warranty, so you can be sure that you are always getting a quality product. Each one of these games are custom made. They are made with high quality wood, so there is no warped, uneven boards and no oddly cut holes. The way the legs fold out directly under the board makes it less bulky to set up and much easier to carry to parties as well. These tailgate toss games are perfect to bring to parties. They fold up easy, and are strong enough to withstand more than just one party with some crazy friends. They are perfect for every NBA Basketball tailgate! We are also confident that they are higher quality than other boards you will find out there, guaranteed!

Even though all of our basketball boards are pleasing to the eye, especially for Knicks fans in this case, the true beauty lies with how well they are made. They are all made with high quality, half inch thick plywood tops and are finished with a glossy, protective sealant. The holes are cut in a perfect 6 inch circle and are always rounded off and smoothed out. You will be amazed at the impeccable quality due to the attention to detail during manufacturing. Everything on these boards is touched up to perfection for a flawless look, every time. If you like our NBA boards, you can also take a look at our NCAA team sets. Even the NBA loves cornhole as they had their own NBA cornhole tournament
back in 2013!