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Mountain Pong is the newest and greatest evolution of the college classic game of beer pong! The company was launched in August of 2015, via a Kickstarter campaign. The creator, Mike Rockwell wanted something new, something innovative, something to take the game to the next level. This is was how Mountain Pong was brought to life. The Kickstarter campaign crushed it and the dream was brought to a reality. The company raised over $45,000 from more than 550 backers. This exceeded the expectations of Rockwell and everyone else involved. This allowed Rockwell and company to effectively design and manufacture the newest and greatest product in beer pong. Aim higher with Mountain Pong!

Mountain Pong currently has two products available, the mini sets which have 6 cups and the regular sets which feature 12 cups. Mountain Pong is made out of extremely durable ABS plastic, which can withstand any party or tailgate. Since the cups are securely locked within the mountain, there won’t be any more spilled cups or wasted beverages. This is the perfect game to play indoors, outdoors, or even at the beach! The multi-level tier game is not only more fun, but it is more challenging than traditional beer pong. Instead of playing the same pong game at every party, Mountain Pong brings an entirely new dynamic to the game. One of the great features of this product is that it has multiple variations of game play. The players are able to choose from three different game modes to optimize their experience. These different versions include speed, standard, and climbing the mountain. Climbing the mountain is something that every experienced pong player would enjoy. Not only do you have to make 12 cups, you need to finish the bottom level first in order to move up the mountain. In this version, the players must work their way up, tier by tier in order to finish on the top cup. Who will be the king at your next party?

If you an avid pong player and have been enjoying the game for years, Mountain Pong is a great new way to change it up and improve your game. Using this product will help improve your hand-eye coordination and throwing skills, by forcing you to make certain cups before moving on to the next level. This fascinating twist to beer pong is growing in popularity and is loved by everyone in the beer pong community. Even if you have never played a game of beer pong before, these tables are perfect to get you involved and show you just how fun the game is. Check out both sizes below, pick out your favorite one, and start playing today! If you still want to learn more, we have included the manufacturers video about how awesome this product really is. You should also have a look at our article about great beer pong tips to improve your game. If you are looking for a more traditional table, you can view our entire selection of tailgate pong tables

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