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floating beer pong tables

Beer pong has grown to be a fun, social drinking game that is very common at a variety of different parties. The game is rapidly becoming more popular and can be see all over the world. The traditional game requires that you play on any type of table, typically at a house party, BBQ or tailgating event. Being able to play this game in the pool would add a new element of fun to pool parties, boat parties and any other type of drinking events that takes place in or around the water. The revolutionary Air Pong Table makes all of this possible. This one of a kind beer pong table delivers a quality performance by allowing you to play the most popular drinking game in the world, anywhere you desire. The great thing about this table is that it paved the way for a variety of other inflatable and floating products.

The number one question most people ask when they hear about a floating beer pong table is whether or not it will work. Some people truly think it is impossible to play a game of pong in the pool. With most of the traditional rafts out there, it is very difficult because the cups do not always touch and they lean to the left or the right. This is because they have pre-cut holes in the table, so the cups will never fit perfectly together. These are still great to use and enjoy, but they will never provide an official game of beer pong due to the fact that the re-racks are limited and the cups will never fully touch.

Our top selling Air Pong Inflatable Beer Pong Cooler is made from durable polyvinyl to prevent popping and tearing. This is the only inflatable out there that allows for an official game, anywhere you want. This is because of the patent pending Tight-Rack system. This table features a plastic racking system that allows you to rack and re-rack the cups anyway you want, just like on a traditional table. The rack also ensures that your cups will always touch and they will never move or slide. Better yet, this product also features a built in cooler. It has been redesigned for 2016 based on our loyal customerís feedback and suggestions. We have included a recessed hole in the middle of the table that can hold 18 cans and ice. This cooler also comes with a detachable lid so you can cover it and keep your beers cold for hours, even in the middle of a lake.

If you are in the market for a quality floating table, you have come to the right place. All of our products feature some type of warranty and our Air Pong Table comes with a 1-year warranty. Thatís right, a full 1-year warranty. If anything happens to your product within the first year, we will replace it free of charge. The team at Skipís Garage is nuts about customer service and providing the absolute best products to all of our customers. We stand by every we sell and will prove it with our service, support and warranties. If you are looking to play in the pool, but donít want an inflatable product, take a look at our foam beer pong tables. You can also get FREE 2-Day shipping on our beer pong cooler with your Amazon Prime membership. Lastly, here is a video to get you pumped to play a game of pong in the pool.

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