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Decorative Pool Art, Mosaic Pool Mats

decorative pool mats

Are you looking to decorate your pool but don't want to spend a ton of money? We have seen a number of products out there that look great, but are very costly and incredibly hard to install and remove. The last thing we would ever want to do is glue something to the floor or wall, something that is permanent and cannot be removed. We have encountered a number of great products over the years that seem great, until you have to go through the complicated installation process and the horrific removal process.

If you have a nice backyard area and want to add some awesome decor, check out these great vinyl pool mats. Manufactured by Poolsaic, these are the latest and greatest in outdoor products! Better yet, they are all custom made and printed in New Jersey, so we offer a quality product manufactured in the United States, with quick turnaround times. You too can purchase your favorite design, receive it and install it all within a week!

Custom Decorative Pool Mats

The heavier vinyl design holds our mats in position by gravity and weight so no messy adhesives or complicated methods are required. This allows you to place them anywhere, and move them with ease if you want to change the location. Also, when you are finished with your display, you can just remove it. There is no need to drain the water or work with a professional to install great looking custom decorative pool mats when you can do it on your own in three simple steps!

decorative pool mat

These mats are available in 2 sizes, 29" and 59" in diameter. Both are very affordable ways to add some awesome decorations to your backyard. You can easily spice up any body of water with one of these items! The video below will help to show you just how easy it is to install them.

Decorate Your Pool Area Easily with Our Pool Mats

Our pool mats are designed to create the appearance of tiled mosaics without the need for expensive installations. These products are a great way to add non-permanent art to any outdoor area! These mats are also guaranteed to never fade as they are manufactured with UV resistant ink. We offer a great warranty on all of these and guarantee that they will work in any type of pool, or your money back!

custom pool art

Well, what are you waiting for? Looking to add some serious flavor to your pool? Quit stalling and get yours today! We also want to give you some more information about our products to help you understand just how great these are.

You can also view the video below on how easy it is to decorate your pool and install our mats. If you are looking for other fun pool products, you may like our inflatable beer pong tables. You may also want to check out our foam beer pong tables, as these have become fan favorites.

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