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How to Dominate Spring Break with Cornhole

spring break cornhole

Spring Break is the most anticipated time of year for high school and college students across the country. In the United States, the majority of students relieve the academic stresses by traveling, drinking and playing party games.

Most Spring Breaks end up being some of the most memorable times in their young lives. With so many kids traveling to so many locations, it is important to make sure you pick the best location and the best party games, like cornhole, to truly enjoy yourself! Here are some great tips to ensuring your next Spring Break will truly be a memorable one.

Great Spring Break Cornhole Tips

One of the greatest things you can do is take a road trip. This can be anywhere! You can travel just outside of your home city, to a nearby place or anywhere within reason that you have been eagerly awaiting to visit. You can pack the car with your friends, some supplies and definitely your custom beer pong table or cornhole game set. Road trips are not fun without some party and drinking games!

Another popular idea is to visit a common Spring Break destination. Most of the big cities in the south have fantastic packages for all types of students. Do a simple Google search and you will find a number of popular Spring Break destinations. The most important thing here is to make sure you travel in a group. This will allow you to cut costs and get the absolute best deal you can. More importantly, the more people that go, the more fun games and supplies you can bring, the more fun you can ultimately have!

spring break cornhole tips

One of the things we always recommend is to try and visit an interesting location, one that you have never been to before. If you have already been on Spring Break, you know what to expect. Why not change it up and visit another popular destination? There are hundreds of locations across the country that host thousands and thousands of student each March. Take a trip to Panama City Beach, FL, where the beer pong and cornhole tournaments will be taking place on the beach everyday. Interested in Mexico? Cancun is a fantastic place for you and all of your friends to go. It may be a little harder to bring your own games and suppliers, but don't worry, there are plenty of cornhole games and beer pong tables in Mexico!

Master Spring Break with Cornhole and Other Drinking Games

Defining the activities that you want to take place during your next break from school will really make or break your vacation. Try to avoid activities that will get your friends in trouble. Make sure to travel with friends and use the buddy system so that everyone remains safe.

cornhole on spring break

We recommend that you be creative and don't just do the ordinary things. Take your custom cornhole set down to the beach for the day. Bring it to a bar and see if they will let you play inside. Coming up with some unique ideas will allow you to master your Spring Break and create a fun and memorable time for all that are involved! Check out this great articles with some fascinating Spring Break tips. We also wrote a great article on fun places you can party.