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state and nation cornhole boards

Cornhole is a fun game that consists of two boards and 8 bags. Each team gets 4 bags and they each take turns trying to get the bags into the holes that are cut into their opponent's boards. Getting a bag in the hole counts for 3 points, while landing on the board counts for only 1 point. The goal of the game is to be the first team to reach 21 points. Sounds fun, right? We have been involved with the game for a number of years and love everything about it. Cornhole can commonly be found at parties and events that are surrounded by some sort of state or national pride. These events could be: tailgate parties for state teams, state college parties, national holiday parties, Sunday football gatherings and more! Having a set that represents the state or nation that you’re rooting for is a great way to spice up any event. These are also great for Olympics' parties! Fortunately for you, we have an incredibly line of custom designs to represent many different states, nations and heritages.

These custom corn hole boards are made with quality and each flag or design is painted with extra care. Many of these boards even have the “rippled flag” effect, which gives the illusion of a flag flowing in the wind. These graphics are done so well that it even creates a 3D effect. Take a look at our selection below and start representing your state or national pride today! All of these toss games are made with quality plywood tops and a flawless finish. They feature strong pocket hole construction and have completely even 6 inch holes that are not jagged at all. They are all 2ft by 4ft and feature legs that fold out and then back in for easy storage. They also have a protective sealant to shield them from scratches, weather and anything else you can throw at them, literally! You will be amazed at the quality of construction and the durability as these are all manufactured to last.

Every one of these quality made cornhole boards are hand crafted in the United States of America. The bags are filled with crushed river rock, unlike other cheaper brands that will not last. Every one of these sets will allow you to flaunt your state or nations pride, while playing a fun game at the same time! They are especially fun to bring tailgate parties, where you can show them off to everyone. Better yet, next time the Olympics come around, you will be prepared! If you like our state and nation boards, you may also want to check out our specialty designs. You can also learn about the official cornhole rules if you are trying to become a serious player.

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