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NCAA cornhole boards

Cornhole is a game typically played at college parties where players take turns tossing bags into a hole of a raised platform, also called the board. It is also called “bags” or “bean bag toss”. This game is generally played with 2 players or two teams with two players each, and a total of eight bags. To set up the game, you will need to find a flat surface. You can do it in a parking lot, garage, lawn, or along the beach. Two boards will be arranged facing each other about 27 feet apart, measuring from the front edges. The boards should be sturdy and placed in a steady position. You cannot have a wobbly, moving board. The players will choose which side they will toss from, called the pitching box, and pick the color of bags they wish to use. Once the game starts, players can toss a few different ways. They can do a low pitch, a fast pitch, a high toss or even a back spin. Before you begin, you may want to invest in a quality game set. This entire page is dedicated to showcasing all of our officially licensed NCAA team cornhole boards.

At most college parties, they have this funny rule that the ugliest person usually pitches first. Not sure where that came from, but it has been confirmed by multiple sources. Once the game starts, the teams take turns tossing the bags. When one player throws, his feet are not allowed to go past the front border of his team’s board. Doing so will cause a foul. This usually results in a loss of turn. For scoring, landing a bag on the board will give you one point, while tossing a bag inside the hole will earn you three points. After the 8 bags have been thrown to the opposite side, the scores will be recorded. Typically, the game is played to 21 points.Sounds pretty simple right? So simple that even a drunk college kid can remember how to play. This is a very popular game that can be seen at colleges across the country. What's awesome about this is there are now a ton of licensed team boards out there. We are fortunate to work with a number of builders and manufacturers that are licensed by the NCAA to build custom college team cornhole games and accessories. Because of this, we can offer them all to you on this page! Feel free to browse our selection and pick out your favorite one today.

Now that you know you need a quality game set to elevate your status to the next level, look no further. We have well over 1,000 custom NCAA team boards at our disposal. All of these are hand built in Florida and are guaranteed to last. Believe it or not, we even boards for teams that you've never even heard of. For that friend or family member who went to that tiny school in upstate New York, yeah, we have that one too! To find your favorite school or team's corn hole boards, simply enter a school or name in the search box at the top of this page or browse below.
So, make sure to browse this page or use the search bar up top to locate your favorite team's set. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. To learn more about where our boards can be used, check out this site that is all about NCAA tailgating.