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The 5 Best Party Beaches on the Planet

5 best party beaches on the planet

The idea of getting together with friends and partying on the beach is never a bad idea. Digging up photos of sunset dancing, golden sand, bonfires, great music and crashing waves will help you remember just how epic that last beach party was. From Ibiza to Miami, there are tons of different types of beach events that take place every single day.

If you are in search of a good time, from down and dirty dancing to party games in the sand, you can find all of this at one of the 5 best party beaches in the world. Better yet, we have the perfect
beer pong table or cornhole game for you to bring and use the next time you want to get wild at the beach!

List of The Best Party Beaches

First is Ibiza, Spain. The name itself has been synonymous with the phrase “beach party” since the late 1980’s when a bunch of hippies turned it into the party capital of the world. Models, superstars and celebrities from all over flock to Ibiza to enjoy everything Spain has to offer. Bora Bora can be seen as the number one spot to visit if you are looking for the best. If you have never been to Spain, Ibiza is the place to go!

Second is Mykonos in Greece. With its welcoming locals and stylish beach bars on the ocean, it is another fantastic location to visit. You can visit the Paradise Beach Bar, which is situated right on the beach between the palm trees! Here the partying begins quite early, around 2pm, and continues until damn the next day. The Greeks really know how to do it! This location has become a preferred destination for a lot of travelers who want to get away from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy themselves!

the best party beaches

Third is South Beach in Miami. This is where all of the “beautiful” people hang out. South Beach offers all of the partying you will ever need. There are a ton of beach parties as well as a fantastic boardwalk with bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It is very pricey but well worth it. If you live in the United States and have never been to South Beach, add it to the list!

Fourth is Bloomingdale Aan Zee in Holland. This venue opened almost 7 years ago as a beach party for Amsterdam residents. The club has grown to accommodate thousands of people with both indoor and outdoor areas. The setting is among the most aesthetic in all of the Netherlands. It is renowned for its all day Sunday parties that are held often throughout the year. This is the place to be if you are ever in Holland.

Last is Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. The white sands of this gorgeous beach are popular all summer among both residents and global travelers. Volleyball and tanning are very popular by day while bonfires and beach parties take over the night. Parties here last well into the early hours of the following day. Definitely a fan favorite if you ever venture to South Africa!

Play Beer Pong or Cornhole at Your Next Beach Party

So if sand, sun and sea get you in the party spirit, listed above are 5 great locations that you can visit and enjoy. Each one of them offers a native touch that will be sure to add some culture to your life and allow you to have fun while doing it. Life if short enough, you might as well expand your horizons and do some traveling before it’s too late!

cornhole at the beach

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