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Beach Themed Beer Pong Tables

Beach Beer Pong Tables

Beer pong is now the unofficial sport of almost all Colleges in existence today. You cannot go to a party or tailgate without witnessing or participating in a game. The game itself does require more skill than most people realize. Good hand-eye coordination, stamina and most importantly, the ability to hold alcohol, are among the many skills needed to be good at playing pong. It is an increasingly popular game that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. So, if you're not playing, you're missing out!

Once you have your own pong table, some plastic cups and a few balls, you can have your choice of liquor and beer ready for your own game. You are now ready for an intense game of pong! One of the most important pieces of equipment is the table. At Skip's Garage, we have developed a great line of beach themed beer pong tables for all of you that want to dream of beaching it during your next game of pong!

For all Beer Pong and Beach Lovers

From topical beach parties to scenic views of the shore and shoreline, we have a variety of different beach themed beer pong tables for all of you beach bums. From now on, at any house party, tailgate party, or anywhere else other than the beach, you can enjoy some beach scenery with one of our themed items. We offer bikini girls products, Margarita themes, sunset designs and many more!

beach beer pong

Better yet, all of these products are extremely portable and can be brought to any beach! We have traveled on countless Spring Break and summer trips, only to find that beer pong is still the most popular beach drinking game out there. We have seen a variety of different products being used all over the beach. So, if you are an avid beach goer who is looking to spice up the next trip, be sure to impress all of your friends with one of our custom shoreline designs.

Custom Beach Beer Pong Tables

As we mentioned, all of our custom beach beer pong tables are made to order. Our manufacturer pays close attention to detail and ensures that every single masterpiece is built to perfection. So, whether you are planning a trip to the beach or just want to bring the beach scenery to your own home, we have the custom product to help you out!

custom beach beer pong tables

Our selection below contains all of the beach themed designs that we have to offer. If you are a serious surfer or sunset enthusiast, we have what you are looking for! Feel free to contact us with any questions before ordering.

If you are looking for information on where to use your new table, check out this cool article about the best beach and spring break party spots. We also wanted to include this video about all of our products for your enjoyment. If you are in love with the beach and everything about summer, be sure to head on over to our inflatable beer pong tables page for the most portable items in existence!

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