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All About Beer Pong

About Beer Pong

The game of beer pong, commonly called Beirut, is best known as the world’s most popular drinking game. It has been around for quite some team and has become a staple of the global party scene. It is an extremely easy game to get to know and a lot of fun to play.

If you in college, you know how prevalent this game is and how much fun it can be. If you have never heard of the game or played it before, you are definitely missing out. Everything you need to know about beer pong can be discovered right here.

Beer Pong, A Popular Drinking Game

For starters, the game of beer pong can be played on any flat surface like a kitchen table, ping pong table, picnic table or anything else that is at least 6ft long. Some people are incredibly innovative and can come up with their own devices to use.

In 2001, the World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP), home of the annual $50,000 beer pong tournament in Las Vegas, standardized the official beer pong table for competitive play. Since then, these items have become increasingly popular and now the requirement for playing an official game.

BPong developed a 2ft wide by 8ft long folding table that stands roughly 30 inches off of the ground. They are all made from durable aluminum and are built to last. BPong’s most popular design is the 8ft black splatter.

The BPong company set the stage for manufacturers and developers all over the world to get involved. Over the last 5-10 years, a number of new suppliers popped up and starting making their own specialty designs. Fortunately, at Skip’s Garage, we have relationships with a number of the top manufacturers in the industry, so we have the ability to provide more than 1,000 designs at the best possible prices.

Besides the table, the only other requirements for playing a game of pong are the cups, balls and of course, beer! Any standard ping pong balls will work, as long as you have multiple sets as they can get crushed or lost easily. There are plenty of stores and websites where you can get cheap beer pong balls. The typical cups used for a game are the traditional 16-ounce red Solo Cups. These have been the standard cups for beer pong since the game’s inception. You will need a total of 22 cups as each team needs 10 for the game plus additional water cups to clean off the balls.

Additional Beer Pong Game Information

Even though the game is called beer pong, it does not require beer to play. It can be played with any drink of your choice. Nowadays, we see a lot of people using water in the game cups and keeping their own personal beer on the side. This prevents illnesses and germs from spreading and is also a much cleaner way to play. However, beer is still the beverage of choice in the game cups for most serious players.

The game can be played 1 on 1, but it is typically a team sport that is played with 2 teams of 2 people. Therefore, you need at least 3 decent friends to play an official game of beer pong. Once you have your table, your balls, cups and pals, you better believe that you are ready to go.

The image below outlines the typical way to play a game of 10 cup. Each team will have 10 cups arranged in a triangular formation, making sure the rims touch each other. This is called a tight rack. Once you have racks set-up on both sides, the game can begin.

Beer Pong Rack

The easiest way to determine who goes first is to flip a coin. However, one of the traditional ways is to have a shoot off. A player from each team faces each other and tosses a ball simultaneously. Whoever makes the shot gets to go first. This has become the best way to identify which team gets to go first at the start of each game.

The goal of the game is to toss your team’s balls into the cups on the opposite side of the table. When you sink a cup, that cup is then removed and consumed by one of your opponents. The team that wins is the team that eliminates all of the opposing cups first. For more information on how to play the game, please visit our beer pong rules page. You can also learn some great beer pong tips. We also wanted to share this cool video with you about some of the popular strategies you can implement to dominate the table during your next game. For more information about this fun party game, click here.