Cornhole Boards, Beer Pong Tables and Tailgate Games

cornhole boards, beer pong tables and tailgating games

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At Skip's Garage, we specialize in custom cornhole boards, beer pong tables and a variety of tailgating games. Our mission has always been to offer top-quality products at the best prices. We work with a number of top cornhole manufacturers including Victory Tailgate, AJJ Cornhole, Custom Cornhole Boards Inc, and many more. We also work with a variety of beer pong manufacturers including Pong Squad, BPong, Floating Pong and PongHead.

If you are a fan of either cornhole or beer pong, or both for that matter, we have the perfect product for you. Shop a variety of cornhole game sets, official beer pong tables and other fun tailgate party games. We are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for when you shop with us. We also have a variety of resources and articles to help you learn both of these great party games.

Custom Cornhole Boards

Cornhole, baggo, bean bag toss, tailgate toss, or whatever you call it has become one of the most popular party and tailgate games in the world. The game, which involves tossing a bean bag back and forth, is incredibly simple and can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The game has become a staple of the American tailgate scene and continues to increase in popularity.

custom cornhole boards

If you would like to learn about this fascinating game, you can check out our
cornhole rules page. Our shop features over 10,000 different cornhole game sets. We have a variety of standard color designs as well as specialty designs and even licensed NFL, NCAA, MLB, MLS and NHL sets. All of the games we offer have been tried and tested and are guaranteed to last or your money back. You can browse our category of cornhole games to look for your favorite one today.

Tailgate, Beer Pong and Cornhole Games

Tailgate partying, which started in the United States, is a type of social event linked primarily to NFL and NCAA football games. Avid fans come together to eat, drink and party each week before their team's big game. A typical tailgate party has a steady stream of beer and other fun adult beverages, as well as tons of food and a variety of party games like beer pong. We love everything about tailgating and are here to provide you with the best products and ideas to help you tailgate like a pro
. Similar to cornhole, beer pong is one of the most popular drinking games in the world and can be seen at nearly every party and tailgate across the country.

tailgating games

At Skip's Garage, we have been specializing in providing custom
beer pong tables since 2008 and have been manufacturing our own products since 2012. We have products with regulation beer pong table dimensions and have plenty of resources for you to learn official beer pong rules and information about this great party game.

So, now you know that we have the absolute best in cornhole and beer pong, you can browse our shop to find the perfect one for you. We pride ourselves on our brand, our service and our loyalty to our customers. We are always available by phone or email and are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. We have also included a short YouTube video from our of our great customers that shows why you can confidently shop with us! If you would like any additional information, you can read more about
beer pong, also known as Beirut
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